Breakthrough Business Academy for Perfectionist Entrepreneurs  


For Female Entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their business and learn how to use their perfectionism as a super power in their life and business.


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Hello fellow perfectionist business owner! 

perfectionist  entrepreneurs who feel stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed out. 
Figuring out how to grow your business and manage your anxiety around perfectionism can be so exhausting. 
Especially when you are overthinking every decision you make.
Does is sound like you... 
  • you have massive plans to take action towards your goals but you wonder if it will be good enough to launch - and you get close but never actually do it
  • you are struggling to keep up with all the things on your to-do list - and you just never seem to be able to complete it
  • you battle with self-doubt because you want to be perfect before you share it with others - so you rarely do 
  • you feel like a constant failure because you never complete anything 
  • you have tried to figure out how to juggle your business, your life, and your perfectionism before but nothing seems to stick 
  • you have downloaded the free PDF's, read the books and tried the self paces programs but you just can't seem to get a grip on it. 
Breakthrough Business Academy for
Perfectionist Entrepreneurs 

12 week group coaching program that allows you to tap into your perfectionistic tendencies, move your business forward by learning strategies that help perfectionists get more shit done, and do it with less effort and more fulfillment in all areas of your life. 



You already have the ability to take your life and business to the next level! 


Perfectionism is a super power - and like any super power you need to know how to use it - or you can cause a lot of damage

(remember Elsa and the ice)  

  • You will gain clarity in your business so that you can get laser focused on your mission and your vision 
  • Set some goals - and break them down in to steps that a perfectionist brain can comprehend 
  • Develop a strategy that will have you getting shit done (progress over perfection is the new motto here!) 
  • You will fall in love with you business all over again because you will have a path to success that allows for rest, self care, and productivity 
  • You will build on your confidence and be accountable to yourself and your business 
  •  You begin to believe in your work and focus on done is better than perfect - giving you the opportunity to be more creative and serve your clients at a new level 
  •  You will be able to show up everyday with a plan, attract your dream clients, and decrease the anxiety around having everything to be perfect all the time 

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Here is what you get in the Breakthrough Business Academy for Perfectionist Entrepreneurs

2 One-on-One Coaching Calls - an initial call so that we can chat about you and business. You will leave this call with clarity around your business and the journey that we are about to embark on together. We will also have a wrap up call at the end of the 12 weeks to solidify everything and ensure that you feel confident and supported in taking your business to the next step.

12 Group Coaching Sessions (2 hours each)  - Recognize and release limiting beliefs, tap into your passion, purpose, mission and vision with regards to your life and your business, learn how to set goals that you will actually accomplish, create a business strategy that allows you prevent burn out and keep your perfectionism at bay so that you can get shit done. We redefine your messaging and marketing to help you appeal to you ideal client, teach you how to stop comparing yourself to others in your industry and elevate your mindset so that you can support and empower your business even on the hardest days.

Weekly Voxer Support - During business hours you will be able to connect with me via Voxer (walkie talkie app) this will allow you to reach out for questions, obstacles, and struggles that you are experiencing. It will also be used to celebrate all the wins that will take place for you throughout the 12 weeks (and likely beyond). 

You will also get -  worksheets, guidelines, trainings and videos that will support you through this process. This is where the other perfectionist entrepreneurs will be hanging out too, so there will be a community of women that understand your unique struggles. You will get life-time access to all the calls (as they are recorded and placed in the portal) and tools/strategies/knowledge that will help you in your business and your life. Understanding, learning, and applying all of these things to your business will allow you to see that perfectionism is a super power when you know how to use it to grow your business and manage your life for fun, creativity and adventure. You are encourage to take rest days, put yourself first, and incorporate all the things that you love and bring your happiness daily! 

Oh AND... you will also get so much confidence, the ability to eliminate the things that don't align to stop procrastinating, the ability to trust yourself and universe, understand why you have not being able to succeed in the past and make changes to move forward with action and ambition so you don't stay stuck, a business that supports your lifestyle that does not lead to stress and burn out, and friendships that will last a lifetime. 




breakthrough business academy for perfectionist entrepreneurs is valued at $12,700 + 

Your investment is ONE TIME PAYMENT $3333+GST 

breakthrough business academy for perfectionist entrepreneurs is valued at $12,700 + 

Your investment is $500 deposit and 3 easy monthly payments of $1000+GST

breakthrough business academy for perfectionist entrepreneurs is valued at $12,700 + 

Your investment is $500 deposit and 6 easy  monthly payments of $550+GST

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