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How to stop procrastinating...

Jul 12, 2022

In this day and age we are so inundated with choice and opportunity that you might even say we are spoiled for choice.

There is just so much that we could do that we often end up not doing anything at all. Procrastination is one of the biggest dream killers. In a world where there is so much demand for your attention it is becoming ever more difficult to stay focussed and act on the things that would truly give you an extraordinary quality of life.

Time is, was and will always be your most valuable asset and the way you use it will determine what you create or fail to create with and for your life. Having an effective strategy for overcoming procrastination is critical if you truly want to push past short term obstacles to create a life of fulfilment.

The abundance that modern life offers us tends to overwhelm us which leads to an emotional overload that will distract you and scatter your effort and concentration.

There simply isn't enough time to do everything, but there is always...

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Time Management for the Busy Business Mama

May 26, 2021

I can talk about time management forever. But how productive would that be? 

If you are a business owner and a mama (momentrepreneur), you know a little bit about it already,  whether you think about it or not, if you juggle both things - you are always trying to manage your time. Maybe not effectively, but you do it.

I want you to manage your time so that your time isn't managing you. You can be a business owner, a mom, a partner, a board member, a crossfitter, and an adventurer -of anything else you want to be or do - but that a conscious effort! 

For June, in our Break Complacency Business Group (check it out here .... we are talking about Time Management. I have been teaching time management to business owners for the last few years. There always seems to be something new that I find intriguing in books that I read, podcasts that I listen to, or people that I follow that talk...

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5 Books I love....

Apr 19, 2021

5 Books I Love...


I haven’t always been a reader.

I failed first grade because I sucked at reading. I actually remember it making me physically ill when it was time to read aloud in front of the entire class. I would try to count out the lines so that I could rehearse mine before it was my turn. The panic, the body temp rising, the sweating of the palms, and the turning of my stomach made attempting to read the words that I knew very difficult. I am just not a good reader! This the story that I told myself for years. I didn’t read any of the books that I supposed to read in school - it was just too hard. I got by - I am not really sure how but I did, but I did. Coles notes, movies, and asking my friends! 

In University I read what I had too, but again the bare minimum - just enough to get by! 


In 2004, when I went through a pretty tough break up a friend of mine told me to read - He’s just not that into you. Seriously, as I type this...

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Combating Stress

Apr 15, 2021


Stress is the sign of a restless mind. Agree? 

Are you someone that has trouble calming your thoughts, worries, and feelings? 

I have to raise my hand here! I struggle with this constantly. 

I thrive in stress - and it does not make me feel good to write that - but it is true. My survival in chaos is a trauma response from my career as a prison guard. And I have been out of that career as long as I was in it - and I still struggle to release the stress that I seem to create! Here is where resiliency is an incredible thing. Although I struggle - I will never give up doing the things that I need to in order to create peace, calm, and an environment that snuffs out stress. Daily, I pay attention to my thoughts, my habits, and my emotions so that I can offer myself feedback. 


Are there things that you are doing each day that is inviting stress? Is there something that you can do to help alleviate some of it? 


You will need to spend some time...

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Boundaries for all areas of life!

Mar 30, 2021

Let’s talk about boundaries! Boundaries are so important to all areas of your life. 

I was a corrections officer before I was a business owner, a life coach, and a business coach. I spent years (8 to be exact) solidifying the skill of boundaries! In prison, as an officer, if you can’t hold a solid boundary then you are in for some trouble. Lack of boundaries tells an inmate that you can easily be manipulated, are inconsistent and lack confidence. Boundaries are everything when you are dealing with "cons". Boundaries were important to my safety, my fellow officer’s safety, the inmate’s safety, and public safety! Nowadays my boundaries don’t come with such dire consequences - or do they? 

Tons of business owners, mothers, shift workers experience burnout as a result of crappy boundaries. Other signs of poor boundaries - drama in relationships have trouble making decisions, you hate to let other people down, you struggle with guilt and...

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3 Secrets to Setting Goals

Mar 15, 2021

Goal setting is something that I am hugely passionate about. I have always been a goal setter, but not always a goal achiever. Maybe you are the same? 

Setting goals and achieving them is kind of a big deal. Did you know that 92% of people that set a New Year goal never achieve it? So, if you are someone that sets a goal and sees it through to the very end - you are in a small group of amazing humans. 

Over the years as a Life and Business Coach, I have watched people accomplish their goals, increase their confidence, have massive self-awareness, and follow all their dreams. These are the added benefits to making a plan, being integral to yourself, and seeing something through to the very end. 

There are secrets to setting a goal - and I am sharing them here in this Blog! 

What happens with most people is that they set a goal, they pick a date for completion - they don’t see results in a week or two and they give up! And that is fair. It’s frustrating...

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