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Time Management for the Busy Business Mama

May 26, 2021

I can talk about time management forever. But how productive would that be? 

If you are a business owner and a mama (momentrepreneur), you know a little bit about it already,  whether you think about it or not, if you juggle both things - you are always trying to manage your time. Maybe not effectively, but you do it.

I want you to manage your time so that your time isn't managing you. You can be a business owner, a mom, a partner, a board member, a crossfitter, and an adventurer -of anything else you want to be or do - but that a conscious effort! 

For June, in our Break Complacency Business Group (check it out here .... we are talking about Time Management. I have been teaching time management to business owners for the last few years. There always seems to be something new that I find intriguing in books that I read, podcasts that I listen to, or people that I follow that talk about this topic. Keeping it simple is the key to managing your time to be more productive in your business and life and have time for self-care, family time, and hobbies. 

Okay, so let's get right to it! 

1. Are you proactive or reactive in your business? Ask yourself this question.

Being reactive can eat up a ton of time in your day, push your priorities to the bottom of the list, and make you feel like you are not making any progress day in and day out! Does this sound familiar? Constantly reacting to emails, freaking out when you don't have clients lined up for next week, or coming up with a new product because the last one just didn't sell. 

Instead of reacting when things aren't going well, what are you doing consistently daily so that you don't have to be reactive?

Let's be honest, if you are a business owner and a mama there will always be things that you have to react to. But wouldn't it be amazing if most of the time that was not the case.

Proactive = Time Managment

How can you be proactive? Is it creating boundaries around your emails and phone calls, scheduling social media so that you aren't scrolling all day, or is it a task blocking your week? 

What is one thing that you can do this week to be proactive instead of reactive? 

2. Make a list. I am sure that you have heard this before, or maybe you have heard to not create a list. I am a list-er! I love lists, but my lists could be hundreds of items long on the best days. And I know that you are no different. I have to limit the list!!!! 

My lists contain 5 priorities (only 5) for the day! And nothing else! To be proactive we have to look at our day, and figure out where each of these items fit. (Be advised this a work in progress - consistency is key) 

Here's an example of how I work the list. 

1. Look through new hires and narrow it down to 4 people for each job.  (2hrs) (proactive - not due for a least a week) 

2. Create a weekly Newsletter (2hrs) (proactive - releases in 4 days) 

3. Follow up with coaching clients (1hr) ( I schedule this once a week) 

4. Create PDF for incoming group coaching (1hr) (proactive -group coaching call is in 9 days) 

5. Get groceries (1hr) (proactive - we have enough to get us through - and I could order if I need to) 

That is roughly a 7 hour day!  (I always give myself a little extra time). I will also check emails 2 times, take urgent phone calls, eat and take breaks. 

These are in order of priority for the day! And beside each item, I document how long I think that particular task will take. I also put the hardest one at the beginning of the day. It's the hardest and my least favorite so I have to get that one done first or it will just keep getting pushed. I am a diagnosed perfectionist ( I am working on it) so procrastination hits me hard when it comes to getting things complete. Once I complete the hardest thing - it builds my confidence to keep going with the day! 

I work best in the morning (so important for you to pay attention to if you want to be more productive in life)  - so to put the mundane task of grocery shopping in the morning does not make sense. 

There is no such thing as balance when you are a business owner and a mama. It's called being proactive and productive - setting yourself up for the balls to drop at some point...and they will, but you will have been proactive in setting up systems, calendars, and processes so that when they do drop you can quickly pick them up and continue on your way without a blip in the radar!

This will take some time to conquer the reactive stuff first - but I promise if you put in the work then benefits pay in dividends. 

Download the FREE PDF based on these principles to help you be more PROACTIVE and PRODUCTIVE. 




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