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How perfectionism in impacting your business.

Aug 02, 2022

Are you a perfectionist? I AM!

I am also a business owner, the project manager for a non-profit that I founded, a mother, a wife, and a lover of country music and adventure. 

I was once told by a psychologist that I am a perfectionist! I was shocked. Nope! Not me. My response to her was, "there is no way I am a perfectionist. You should see how dirty my car is?" Her response, "that is exactly something that a perfectionist would say!" SHIT. Okay, so maybe I am a perfectionist. Is that a bad thing? 

Well, it's not the worst thing in the world. but when I began to notice the impacts that it was having on my life and business I began diving deeper into learning how to manage it - and use it to my advantage. 

Here are a few ways that perfectionism may be effecting your business: 

1. Not Completing Things 

You have the tendency to start something, but then just leave it because it will never be how you want it to be (PERFECT). I love to set a goal, but before I learnt how to set a goal properly I struggled every single time. I was focusing on the outcome - not the process. And the outcome was never quick enough or good enough, so I would just give up and try something else. Another thing that would never get completed. 

2. Fear of Failing 

When you are a perfectionist, it can be difficult to see that failing is learning. To a perfectionist, FAILING IS JUST FAILING. This is where procrastination and paralysis comes in because the fear of failure is so strong that you just don't make decisions, you don't complete the project, or you avoid taking action. Anyone that is anyone in the world of business has failed over and over again to get where they are. Honouring the failure as learning is massive to ensuring that perfectionism doesn't stop you from going after what you want. 

3. Wasting Time 

When our perfectionism takes over we can easily be distracted. I have to tell myself all the the time - Progress over perfection. Progress over perfection. Perfectionist can be unrealistic with timelines to get things done and when they don't complete something they are trash - the work is trash - and they might as well just give up now! Perfections tend to walk away in this moment - and do something that is NOT  productive in managing their time, growing their business, or creating fulfillment in their lives. 

What is something that you can decide to do when you feel like this? My go to's are listen to a podcast for 15 minutes (set a timer), get out and go for walk, or call a friend. Then I go back and try again. 

Give yourself 3 things to do each day! Just complete 3. Once you are done those 3 celebrate and rest! There will be days when you feel like doing more - and days when you don't. Trust your mind and body to tell you what days those are! 

Perfectionism is a blessing and curse - but learning, trying, and working through it can be so much fun and so rewarding. 

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