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Growth Mindset in Business Owners

Sep 28, 2021

Growth Mindset in Business

Mindset is key in any business to survive the twists and turns that are inevitable in business - and especially during COVID. 

Carol Dweck is a highly regarded professor of psychology at Stanford University and the author of several books, including Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. In Mindset, Dweck differentiates a “growth mindset” from a “fixed mindset.” According to Dweck:

A growth mindset is “the belief that an individual’s most basic abilities and skills can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point.”  

A fixed mindset is “the belief that an individual’s basic abilities and skills, their intelligence and their talents, are just fixed traits.” 

There are so many challenges, obstacles, and failures that arise when creating a successful business. I was at a party last month with a bunch of women. One party go-er asked another - what do you do for work? The woman responding rolled her eyes and stated that she owned her own business. She proceeded to tell the woman who asked the question how unsuccessful her business was, how much money she has sunk into the business, and how she will likely be stuck with this product and her grandkids will have to move it out of her house when she dies (this woman is in her thirties). 

I was able to reach out to this business owner and learn a few things about her and her business. We all get into these ruts, find ourselves giving up, and focusing on the things that are not working. Here are a few things that we talked about during our conversation that I believe can help any business owner that is stuck in the "fixed mindset":

The Importance of Mindset

1. Stay in your own damn lane. It doesn't matter that it looks like Susie has a more successful business than you on Instagram. Your job is to focus on your business, your growth, your customers. Stay aligned with your purpose, passions, and missions. 

2. Failure is a part of learning. Don't focus on the failures - focus on the lessons that you learn and grow through the harder times. 

3. Do what you love to do for the people that you love to serve. This is important. What do you love to do??? Who do you want to serve with your product or service? Knowing your purpose will help you niche down your business to serve your ideal client. When you are coming from a place of purpose you have more fun in your business, and bring massive value to your customers. 

4. Be grateful. Creating a consistent habit where you focus on what you have instead of what you don't have shifts your mind. The true expression of gratitude sets off energy that has the power of drawing people towards you. Explore and embrace it. This mentality sends out the abundance vibes, and eliminates that lack mentality. 

Life comes with all kinds of unexpected obstacles. Not all obstacles are problems they are detours to your path. The path that you are meant to be on, the path that leads you to your purpose, the path that the universe has laid out for you. Trust. Mindset has lots to do with trust. 



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