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5 Books I love....

Apr 19, 2021

5 Books I Love...


I haven’t always been a reader.

I failed first grade because I sucked at reading. I actually remember it making me physically ill when it was time to read aloud in front of the entire class. I would try to count out the lines so that I could rehearse mine before it was my turn. The panic, the body temp rising, the sweating of the palms, and the turning of my stomach made attempting to read the words that I knew very difficult. I am just not a good reader! This the story that I told myself for years. I didn’t read any of the books that I supposed to read in school - it was just too hard. I got by - I am not really sure how but I did, but I did. Coles notes, movies, and asking my friends! 

In University I read what I had too, but again the bare minimum - just enough to get by! 


In 2004, when I went through a pretty tough break up a friend of mine told me to read - He’s just not that into you. Seriously, as I type this it’s embarrassing. This is probably the first book I ever read cover to cover - and it was because I got dumped. And cheated on! In an effort to try to move on with my life - I caved and read like crazy. I think I finished it in a couple of days. Which was massive for me. I’m 22 years old and this is the only book that I have read cover to cover - and the information in that book was incredible! It changed the way that I did everything going forward. 

Two of my favorite quotes from this book are: 

“I'm tired of seeing great women in bullshit relationships.”

“You already have one asshole, you don't need another one” ― Greg Behrendt, He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys


It was after completing that book - that I realized that I needed books in my life. Books and Sex and the City! I was 22 years old, I watched all of the Sex and City - and occasionally fall back on a random episode to check in, but books are my friends! 

Since 2004, I have probably read over 300 books. Sometimes I listen to audio books, but I prefer a real book (paperback if I have a choice).


I thought that I would share 5 of my favorite books of all time. Here we go! 

1.Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robbery Kiyosaki

There is a free PDF version if you want to take a look. But I always promote buying a book or supporting your local library

I love this book so much because it validated my need to take risks! Before I became a business owner I worked for the government - when I decided to leave everyone was shocked! I heard comments all the time about the pension, the security, and how early I will get to retire if I just stick it out! They were projecting their fears onto me. I knew that if I left I would be okay - likely more than okay. And the risks that I have taken in my life have definitely lead me to greater things. I knew in my bones that I was not cut out to prison guard for life or work for an organization that lacked appreciation, created chaos, and caused me to be a much weaker version of myself. So for that, this book brought a lot of knowledge, a ton of validation, and made me realize that I have to make my money work for me. Also, only those that fail, succeed. So I am okay with failure - it means I am getting closer to success! 

2.Gifts of Imperfection - Brene Brown 

I haven’t read this book for a while - so I just pulled it off the shelf and put it in the pile of must-read again. I constantly recommend this book to my coaching clients because I find most people are striving or forcing themselves to be something that they are not. The tag line for the book is: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Suppose to Be and Embrace Who You Are. It’s all about authenticity, courage, joy, gratitude, and trust. If you could use any of those things in your life - I highly recommend this book. I am a diagnosed perfectionist - and to be honest, I haven’t read this book since I received that label, so I think that it will be even more interesting now that I have accepted it, created awareness around it, and cultivated some incredible relationships with other perfectionists! 

3. Awaken the Giant Within - Tony Robbins 

This is seriously one of the greatest books I have ever read. I am a Tony Robbins fan. I have been fortunate enough to attend Date with Destiny and work for the big guy when he was touring Canada with the Power of Success. There is no possible way for me to break down the amazingness that exists in the words strung together in this book - you HAVE to read it. If you have ever felt stuck, yearned for something more, or want massive success in your life - this is where you go! It’s is a massive book - but 10 pages a day will change your life. Consciously shaping your life, understanding your values, and re-writing your story are huge pieces of the puzzle to have you shaping your own destiny. 

If you love personal development, want to learn how to take control of your life immediately, and forever change the way you think - get this book! 

You can watch this YouTube video the link doesn’t work but here is the Reawaken the Giant PDF if you want to take a look! 

4. Fanocracy - David Meerman Scott and Reiko Scott 

I highly recommend this book to anyone that has a business or is thinking about starting one. Fanocracy is all about building connection and culture, thinking about the long-term goals and contributions, and igniting the business spark in all areas of the business and beyond. There are some really great examples of business in the book and the strategies that you can easily adapt to your business. Understanding your client/customer is massive when it comes to owning a business. This book will assist you in figuring that out. Throughout this read, I was jotting down notes and coming up with great ideas to propel my business forward and offer insane amounts of value to my clients. 

5.The Body Keeps the Score - Brain, Mond, Body in the Healing of Trauma Bessel van der Kolk M.D. 

This book was recommended to me by a psychologist. As I attempted to navigate some of my own trauma - this book was incredibly helpful in offering insight and understanding as to what was taking place inside of me and how I reacted to the outside world. In addition to teaching me about the re-wiring of my brain and the brain of others when they have experienced insane things, it also offers tons of strategies and tools to guide me through this journey. If you or someone you love is struggling, and you just can’t put your finger on it this book may be a great starting point. I would have never labeled my suffering as “trauma” but that is exactly what it is - and I don’t have to suffer. So, many people have walked this path before me, and we can learn a bunch from the work done in this book!

If there is book that you love that you think I will too! Please share at [email protected] 



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