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5 things I learned at Business Mastery

Sep 20, 2021

What I learned at Business Mastery 

At the end of August, I attend business mastery with Tony Robbins and a ton of other experts in the business - Ron Miller, Keith Cunningham, Todd Hartley, David Meerman Scott, and so many more. The 5-day event was like drinking from a fire hose with regards to the amount of information that they were able to pack into these 5 days, but I loved how we were able to tie it all together at the end and create a solid plan, gain momentum, and see a clear vision for our businesses. 

**This blog will not do this event justice** 

The five things that I am going share in this blog are just 5 of the things that I learned on the first day - but they contributed to the breakthroughs that I was able to have during the event and after. 

  1. Complexity is the enemy of business. YES, so much YES! Isn’t this the truth? As an entrepreneur, I have so many thoughts, ideas, and ambitions that I want to see to fruition. I often have to remind myself to take it back to basics. Complexity IS the enemy of business. After BM, I came home and scaled back on the funnels, took down a few things that I was working on, and decided to focus on just two things. It’s fucking liberating. 
  2. Business is a Spiritual game. How can I do more for others than anybody else? You do the work because you love it and you want to make a difference in their lives. It’s about what you can give - not what you can get. 
  3. In order to grow your business, you must know these 3 things. 1. Your ideal client inside and out. 2. Have an irresistible offer. 3. Overdeliver 
  4. Learn to love video. People are much more likely to connect to video than they are to reading words on a page. Do lives. Give value through video, connect with people through video, send follow-up videos. USE VIDEO every chance you can. 
  5. Clients go away - raving fans stay. Did you know that when one of your customers refers you - that inquirer is 7x more likely to buy from you? Who refers? Raving fans. How do we create raving fans - we give, we over-deliver, and we raise the standards. David Meerman Scott has a book - Fanocracy - that talks about this concept, gives examples of companies that are incredible at it - and teaches you to do the same. 

Most of us that start a business have no idea what we are doing. Being around other business owners, learning from their failures, and understanding their wins can save us a lot of time, energy, and money.


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