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A Membership for business women who are passionate about growing their business, who seek networking, connection and expertise in a group setting.  

Become inspired, learn leadership skills and build strategies for success. Receive consistent support, brainstorming sessions for your business, momentum building exercises, create content and learn effective problem solving tools and mindset strategies.



Lauren Cleveland

Lauren has owned and operated her own businesses since 2008. She started off in the travel industry, and ventured into retail in 2012, ultimately landing in the coaching the business in 2016. It was a perfect fit.  Lauren was already assisting other entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses as someone who just wanted to help others succeed. 

Lauren knows all about resiliency, emotional intelligence, and personal development from her 8 year career as a Corrections Officer.

Having a wide range of complex personal experiences allows Lauren to connect with her clients on a very personal, but professional level.

Many have enjoyed and look forward to Lauren’s upbeat, authentic approach that inspires individuals to open up emotionally, spiritually, and creatively to make courageous moves, take action on their dreams and live lives that they have only imagined.

Lauren is the Founder and CEO of To Serve and Connect Society. Canada, a non-profit organization that serves the needs of the First Responder Spouse Community with resources, education, and connection. 

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Specializing in First Responder Spouses


Lauren Cleveland created Break Complacency in the summer of 2016.   With a background in Social Psychology, Lauren recognized the shift in workplaces to reflect building resilience in employees while fostering relationship-building and self growth.  Aside from her Business Coaching Membership Group, her courses cover topics such as motivation, time management, letting go, habits, productivity, gratitude and transformation. 

Lauren's Online Course "Self-Discover for First Responder Spouses" educates spouses on how to eliminate chaos, increase the quality of their relationships, and ensure that they are wearing their oxygen mask before giving to others.

Her newest Workbook and Journal "Break Complacency to Build Resiliency" is repeatable 30-day, pen to paper soul searching and goal setting experience that Lauren created for First Responders that can be tailored to entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals looking to find passion and purpose.  Lauren has worked with the Young Presidents’ Organization in the USA offering training and follow-up for their groups and chapters. 

Lauren is a Master Trainer with the program Transformation, Ultimate Business Vision with Erin Skye Kelly and Brian Tracy, Certified Trainer with Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention Coaching, Certified Relationship Coach with The Gottman Institute.   

Many have enjoyed and look forward to Lauren’s upbeat, authentic, bold and fun approach to sometimes difficult and challenging conversations.


Break Complacency Business Club is a business coaching group for small business owners. This group is all about growth, networking, contributing, and creating a space for you to explore your business possibilities.

There are 3 membership levels which will include content, experts, masterminds, goal setting, and plenty of resources to grow your young business.  You select the membership which suits your needs.

Bringing this Group for you makes me excited with the anticipation of all you can accomplish. There are so many incredible business owners in the group already that it can only get better from here!

Stay tuned for more information in upcoming weekly newsletters.  If you aren't on the Newsletter list, you will want to be on it! 

I have been a Business Mentor for several years with Achievement Club (yes, we are still aligned with Achievement Club) but I am taking it to whole a new level just for you


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For First Responder Spouses

Community and Connection specifically designed for the First Responder's spouse.

 You will find Resources and Support here.

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